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Mum and daughter swindle love stuck dating site user out of millions

30 Aug
August 30, 2013

A mother daughter duo have just been sentenced for 12 and 15 years respectively for their involvement in an internet dating scam where they posed as U.S. service personnel looking for love.  Read more →

The newest scam: the ‘mystery shopper’

29 Aug
August 29, 2013

The ‘mystery shopper’ scam is the latest fraudulent scheme doing the rounds and can end up with unsuspecting victims losing thousands of pounds.  Read more →

Fraudsters got £7m out of ‘vishing’ scams in 2013

29 Aug
August 29, 2013

A new and growing telephone scam, known as ‘vishing’, has put up to a quarter of UK adults at risk.

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Shakedown Scams: Con artists using fear

29 Aug
August 29, 2013

There was a time where scammers smiled and charmed their way into your wallet. Not anymore. Fear and intimidation seem to be more profitable nowadays.

Here’s the top three tactics and how they work:   Read more →

Protect your parents from con artists

28 Aug
August 28, 2013

Many scams target the elderly. Many times, if your loved ones fall into one, they will be targeted again. Lists are compiled by many rings that allow con artists to find ways to get easy money. To protect your parents, you give them stern warnings and make sure you have control over their finances. Right? Wrong. At best it will probably lead to arguments, at worst you will have a major fallout.   Read more →

Donald Trump is being sued by New York for ‘school scam’

27 Aug
August 27, 2013

US property tycoon Donald Trump is being sued by New York State for allegedly misleading students who enrolled at his investment school.  Read more →

£500,000 tax scam: Five men arrested

26 Aug
August 26, 2013

Protecting your personal data online has always been a number one priority. Identity theft is a very stark reality for an increasingly large number of people.   Read more →

Scammers are costing Britons £3bn every year

23 Aug
August 23, 2013

People in the UK are being stung by increasingly “sophisticated” scams especially when shopping online, with two out of three having fallen victim to scams by computer support conmen since 2010, according to a Which? study.   Read more →

Teenage conman toured world using £70k scammed from travel agencies

23 Aug
August 23, 2013

A teenage boy from Perthshire flew business class to luxury destinations around the world by illegally using two travel companies’ online booking systems.  Read more →

Trio who staged a bus crash to claim insurance face imprisonment

23 Aug
August 23, 2013

Three men who hired a bus to stage a £150,000 crash for cash insurance scam are facing jail sentences. Ben Carberry, 21, Liam Gray, 26, and Kevin Hamilton, 36, admitted conspiracy to commit fraud in court yesterday.   Read more →