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Will 2014 be a good year for Ford?

29 Jan
January 29, 2014

2013 was “an outstanding year” for US car firm Ford according to Ford president and chief executive Alan Mulally. Strong performance in the US and Asia drove its net income up by $1.49 billion in 2013 to reach a total of $7.2 billion, equivalent to £4.3 billion.  Read more →

2014: The scams to watch out for

27 Jan
January 27, 2014

Recent trends have seen the rise of fraudsters making great use out of increasingly popular mobile devices. But that’s not all. Many devices are becoming smarter, including TVs. With these traditionally “dumb” devices being connected to the internet, they have become a magnet for attack. Scammers are now using them to spy on people. Security software has never been more important.  Read more →

Scammer posing as Cumbrian police officer

24 Jan
January 24, 2014

In Cumbria, numerous businesses are receiving a stream of calls from a man claiming to be a police officer in the area. The man tells the potential victims that he is calling regarding unpaid adverts that the business had requested be placed in a police magazine. The man is said to be aggressive on the phone and should anyone try to refuse to pay up immediately, into a bank account in the name of ‘Community Safety Plus Ltd’, they are threatened with legal action.  Read more →

Bank manager jailed for £128,000 scam

23 Jan
January 23, 2014

A bank manager who admitted embezzling £128,538 has been jailed for two years.

Brian Reilly, 47, from Paisley, stole the cash from the National Savings and Investment Bank in Pollok, Glasgow, between February 2007 and July 2010 by moving money from a holding account for failed deposits into his own accounts.  Read more →

NatWest bank clerk sentenced to 4 years in jail for attempted £1 million fraud.

22 Jan
January 22, 2014

NatWest bank clerk Hans Patterson-Mensah has been sentenced to four years in jail after being found guilty of assisting scammers to access the bank’s computer system using a KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switch at the branch in Staines.

They used the system to make entries which made the money they stole look like costumers had actually paid the sums themselves into their accounts. The deposits made ranged from £50,000 to £100,000. In total, the final sum reached a massive £1,089,000, with fraudsters getting immediate access to the money.   Read more →

The latest in boiler room scams: diamond fraud

21 Jan
January 21, 2014

Fraud investigators have warned against a new form of investment scam involving diamonds, saying that vulnerable older people can be particularly susceptible to the scam.

Companies are cold-calling victims with promises of stellar returns by investing in precious stones. In some cases, the gems’ value is grossly inflated. In others, the gems don’t exist at all.  Read more →

£100k painting stolen from house of scam victim

20 Jan
January 20, 2014

A £100,000 painting was stolen from the home of an 89-year-old woman in London, who was contacted over the phone by a person claiming to be from her bank.

The victim was told that her cards had been used in a crime and told to call her bank immediately. She tried to call the bank, but the caller had not hung up and stayed on the line. She was told that someone would come to her house to collect her cards.  Read more →

Four men jailed in connection with £1.3m counterfeit scam

17 Jan
January 17, 2014

Four men in the UK have been sentenced to jail terms for faking more than £1.3m-worth of £10 banknotes.

Amrit and Prem Karra and brothers-in-law Rajiv Kumar and Yash Mahey produced the forged notes using their printing business in Hockley, Birmingham, which also had a number of legitimate business contracts.  Read more →

Latest investment scam: Graphene

09 Jan
January 9, 2014

Grapheme is the substance which will, in future, very likely be used in the manufacturing of various technological devices or their components, such as display screens, electrical circuits and batteries. Currently, millions are being spent on research regarding the material’s development and use. That being said, it is quite unlikely that graphene will be used commercially anywhere before the year 2020.  Read more →

Why some New Year’s resolutions could put you at risk of being scammed

08 Jan
January 8, 2014

We’re eight days into 2014 and if you’re still managing to maintain your new year’s resolutions – well done! Unfortunately, some scammers will take advantage of a fresh year’s good intentions to dupe their victims into handing over their hard-earned cash. Here are some of the things you need to watch out for.  Read more →