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Iranian billionaire involved in £1.5 billion bank scam ‘secretly executed’

26 May
May 26, 2014

According to Iranian state television, Mahafarid Amir Khosravi, a billionaire businessman also known as Mansour Aria, was at the heart of a $2.6 billion bank scam, equivalent to £1.5 billion, which started back in 2007. The fraud saw the billionaire and his associates making use of fake documents and paper work in order to get credit from one of Iran’s top financial institutions, Bank Saderat. Read more →

eBay users: Change your passwords!

22 May
May 22, 2014

News has emerged that eBay suffered a potentially dangerous cyber-attack between late February and early March of this year which saw hackers gaining access to the online marketplace’s database containing slews of users’ personal information, including encrypted passwords, names, email, home addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth.
According to reports, the attackers made use of a small number of employee log-in credentials which allowed them to access eBay’s corporate network. As a result, last night, the retailer sent out emails to 233 million users urging them all to change their passwords and protect their accounts from potential theft. Read more →

Scammers tricking victims with ‘scam stopping’ devices

20 May
May 20, 2014

In a blatant case of ‘hiding in plain sight’, scammers are making use of ‘scam stopping’ devices in their latest attempt to con people and take their money.

According to West Yorkshire Trading Standards, con artists have been tricking people by making false promises about a device that attaches to a telephone handset and puts an end to all nuisance calls, including ones that are internationally-based, for just a small fee. Read more →

Ticket scams cost victims £3.7 million in 2013

16 May
May 16, 2014

According to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), every year, visitors to the UK are cheated out of nearly £4 million. This comes as the City of London Police delve into a week of investigating ticket fraud. Read more →

Scammer jailed for conning investors in £1.3m Ponzi scam

12 May
May 12, 2014

Gambler Nicholas Peter Ford was jailed for conning private investors, including a friend with a disabled child, out of £1.3 million, using a Ponzi scheme.

According to Sussex Police, Mr Ford took money from investors as part of a spread betting syndicate but then paid them back using money given to him by other investors rather than any profit he had made. The 39-year-old wasted much of the money he was given through gambling. Read more →

Four million people in UK are scammed each year

05 May
May 5, 2014

An estimated four million people in the UK fall victims to a range of scams each year, according to Citizens Advice.

Citizens Advice said that fraudsters targeted the vulnerable in particular, including pensioners and struggling households desperate for cash. It warned that these demographic groups could be attacked by fraudsters on a number of fronts – through their computers, phones, letterboxes and on their own doorsteps. Read more →