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Black Friday scam alert to shoppers

24 Nov
November 24, 2015

With Black Friday fast approaching, deVere Group keep you updated on how to avoid scams and stay vigilant in the run up to Christmas.
Last year, scammers managed to fleece 12 million in the UK out of £1.6 billion, meaning a whopping one in five of us have been successfully targeted by con artists. But surprisingly, only three in five bothered to change our passwords after the security breach, leaving us exposed to further attacks. Changing your passwords regularly is a great way to help you stay protected online. Read more →

The Gmail app hole that lets you be anyone you want to be

23 Nov
November 23, 2015

Over the last few days’ reports coming from various sources are informing deVere group scams that you can pretend to be anyone on Gmail in a very simple way. This will allow these emails to bypass your spam filters and potentially get the spammers to get you to click on the emails and download their malware or input your personal details. deVere Group scams explain how this works and how you can detect it as well as how to protect yourself from scams. Read more →

The Language of Scams

16 Nov
November 16, 2015

Scams have been around forever. There has always been the culture of exploiting people for personal gain and this trend isn’t going to vanish anytime soon. We think we have learnt all the scams out there, but occasionally a new one slips past the junk mail filter and we think it’s real. A few days later and the bank is empty, what happened there? Here is deVere Group’s top tips on the language of scams to help you sniff out those pesky scams that make it to your inbox. Read more →

‘I am a Nigerian princess help me get my money out of the country!’

09 Nov
November 9, 2015

This scam is the butt of most late-night jokes. We laugh about how silly it is and how unbelievable it is, but the reality is that not everybody sees the scam. People who are very kind and caring often fall for this one as they feel like they are helping out a poor girl in need. These emails can really tug at your heartstrings and appeal to your sense of altruism. Successful scam artists know exactly how to get you to give up your money. If you get an email asking you to send money to help out a stranger, delete it. Someone is up to no good, and trying to manipulate your emotions. Here is deVere Group scam’s top tips and advice on how to deal with this financial scam. Read more →

The arrest warrant scam – I have done nothing wrong?

05 Nov
November 5, 2015

There are many financial scams out there designed to scare you and convince you into giving over your personal details. The trick is knowing about types of financial scams and how to notice before it’s too late and you have let some personal information slip. Here is deVere Group’s guide to the arrest warrant financial scam. Read more →