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Bank of England text scam

29 Mar
March 29, 2016

Anyone who has received a text message claiming to be from Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, regarding $6.5m they never knew they had, should hold off before celebrating.

In what looks to be a more ruthless effort at online fraud, Twitter user @JasonZubris had been receiving texts from someone pretending to be the man in control of the UK’s monetary policy. Read more →

TalkTalk users hit by scammers

15 Mar
March 15, 2016

Con artists pretending to be TalkTalk representatives are scamming customers out of thousands of pounds. In one case, they spent hours on the telephone trying to convince their target, Paul Hirst, to supply his bank details.

Mr Hirst, 58, said the conmen pretended to be calling from TalkTalk regarding the poor service he’d been experiencing with his phone and broadband service. Read more →

Pensioner loses £12,000 in building scam

08 Mar
March 8, 2016

Michael Murphy, a pensioner from Blackbird Leys who handed over £12,000 to rogue builders, has warned others not to be conned by the same nasty scam, deVere Group reports.

Mr Murphy, 67, waved goodbye to a huge lump of his life savings and ended up with his roof destroyed. After needing his guttering replaced because it was blocked and leaking, Mr Murphy was approached by a company called UK Fascias proposing to repair them. Read more →

Pension scams

01 Mar
March 1, 2016

Scams which have become more popular are those concerned with your pensions, as fraudsters try to con you out of a lifetime’s worth of savings in a flash.

Since the government introduced pension reforms in April 2015, retirees now have more choices about how they can access and spend their pension pot.
However, con artists are trying to take advantage of these new guidelines by persuading people to cash in their retirement funds, either the whole amount or a large lump of it, and hand the money to them to invest. Obviously though, they don’t invest the money and you wave goodbye to your pension. Read more →