Airbnb customers fall victim to cyber-scam

03 May
May 3, 2018

One of the latest scams utilises commonly used tactics and methods most of us have, at some point, experienced – however, the scam is still an efficient one which manages to fool plenty.

Airbnb customers are being targeted by scam artists seeking to access personal information through the use of malicious links. This is done by emails being sent forward containing links with deceiving instructions, which could ask for an update or renewal of information in order to keep using the online hospitality platform. The personal information required includes account credentials and payment card information.

The email addresses always impersonate that of the targeted company, generally by adding an extra word to the address or a change of detail as unnoticeable as one single letter.

Security firm Redscan says that the criminals are looking to exploit the new privacy laws across the EU, the General Data Protection coming into effect towards the end of the month. Users are to verify the source of the emails and check for email address inconsistencies, as Redscan advises.

Airbnb told Sky News that the emails were just a “brazen attempt” to steal user’s details and have nothing to do with the company itself.

Phishing cybersecurity attacks are on the increase and keep getting harder to identify. They threaten to tarnish a company’s image and put their users at stake, with some of the most potent IT companies also reporting data breaches through similar attacks.

Mark Nicholls, Director of Cyber Security at Redscan warns, “As we get closer to the GDPR implementation deadline, I think we can expect to see a lot more of these types of phishing scams over the next few weeks, that’s for sure.”

With attacks like such on the rise, it is important to meticulously look out for the signs of a scam and report fake emails for investigation to the company targeted.

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