Cyber Monday scams target shoppers’ money

27 Nov
November 27, 2018

Cyber Monday, a day to look forward to for all those anticipating some of the best online shopping deals around, has proven to also bring about a less-than-satisfactory side.

With so many online purchases going through at this time of year, scammers have seen this event as an opportunity to trick unsuspecting bargain hunters.

The most common scam used on Cyber Monday has been the typical email scam that directs you towards a malicious link in order to steal sensitive information – mainly credit card details and passwords.

Therefore, shoppers should keep an eye out for odd emails, fake delivery notices and verification scams. If, per say, you received an email from Amazon asking for additional verification for your pending delivery, then it would most likely be a scam.

However, all emails with links regarding Cyber Monday should be analysed well. Emails providing scam links said to be shipping updates or special discount coupons, as well as alarming announcements which make shoppers believe they have ordered a bulk sum’s worth of merchandise, have also surfaced this week.

These scam emails may look realistic and deceiving, with scammers going as far as recreating brand logos or websites to trick shoppers – which is especially why it is important to refrain from just clicking on any link provided. Instead, you can directly load the company’s website and check the specific deals as well as track your order through it.

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