How to keep your credit card information safe

09 Dec
December 9, 2014

Some things are inevitable, but many things can be done to minimise certain mistakes. Credit card information and credit cards themselves are stolen on a regular basis, becoming a victim of this unfortunate event can result in having money stolen from you.

Here’s what you can do to protect your card and the information on it:

1) This is one of the most common methods of credit card frauds. Never give out your credit card information over the phone, unless you have called your bank/company directly, since scammers may call you claiming to be from the bank, once they have your information they will attempt to withdraw your cash.

2) Don’t keep your card in your wallet, this way if your wallet gets stolen they’ll only get hold of what you have inside it but your card will be safe. Carry the card only when it’s required.

3) Received a questionable charge? Report it right away so that the bank can freeze your account, disabling the scammer from withdrawing any additional funds or making any more purchases.

4) Always ensure that you still have your card returned after making a purchase.

5) Was your card stolen? Report it right away!

6) Always make sure your card is in a safe place when travelling.

7) It might be helpful to check monthly statements to make sure all the listed charges are indeed yours.

8) Never write down your PIN number, always memorise it.

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